Tool Shop Hardening Systems

MHS 17 with forced cooling system Side platform

The MHS 17 hardening system has a modular design and consists of a work platform for the heat treating furnaces, an oil bath for quenching, a water bath for cleaning parts and heating elements for both baths. The baths are mounted to the left and right of the work platform and have charging baskets in order to induce even cooling of the parts in the bath. All parts may be ordered separately meaning the hardening system can be retrofitted or equipment added individually depending on the materials processed. The MHS 17 can have an air quenching system added to it for air-hardened steels. This platform has a powerful cooling fan to force cool the parts requiring hardening and also the gas feed annealing bag and holder. A refractory brick base is for placing hot boxes and workpieces on them. The quenching baths can also be fastened onto the forced cooling system. An additional storage platform can be integrated within the system for holding accessory equipment and/or optional charging accessories.

Article no.ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeExterior dimensions in mmSupplyElectricalWeight
  °Cwdhin lWDHpower/kWconnection*in kg
Controller B 150Controller C 290for MHS 17           
001311110001311190N 7/H128025025012077206405103,01-phase 
001311210001311290N 11/H1280250350140117207405103,61-phase70
001311310001311380N 11/HR1280250350140117207405105,53-phase¹70
001311510001311580N 17/HR1280250500140177208905106,43-phase¹90
Controller B 180Controller P 330            
001334160001334150N 15/65HA650295340170154708454602,71-phase55
¹Heating only beetween two phases *Please see page 32 for more information about mains voltage
Article no.ArticleExterior dimensions in mmVolumeCharging floor grid dimensions Supply Supply
  WDHin lWidth in mmlength in mmpower/kWvoltage
631000428Work platform1000610760-----
631000430Oil bath27050050050400200--
631000431Water bath27050050050400200--
491005900Heating element------3,0230 V
631000429Forced cooling system556610760-4002000,2230 V
 (cooling platform)        
631000442Side platform556610760-----