Temperature Measurement in Protective Gas Systems

Thermostat (manual device)

The use of a thermometer with thermocouple is recommended for determining the exact heat treatment temperature in gas feed boxes or gas feed annealing bags with holder. The thermocouple is permanently mounted on the respective gas feed box or gas feed annealing bag holder. A simple manual temperature probe with LCD display or a temperature indicator with LED display and interface to documentation via the Nabertherm software can be supplied, mounted in a separate metal casing. Both are equipped with a two-pole plug unit for connecting to the thermocouple. The temperature can be determined in this way and, if necessary, readjusted on the controller. Upon request, the furnace can be operated by charge control with a thermocouple attached to the workpiece.

Article no.Description
402000057Temperature indicator with digital display, 230 V 1/N connection, in metal casing
542100028Temperature indicator with digital display, battery-operated, manual device
V000800Connecting cable between heat treatment with charge thermocouple and Article no. 402000057, 3 m
V000801Connecting cable between heat treatment with charge thermocouple and Article no. 542100028, 3 m

thermprozesstechnik_englisch Thermal Process Technology
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thermprozesstechnik_englisch Thermal Process Technology
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