Bale-Out Furnaces TB Gas-Fired, for Melting and Holding

TB 20/14 TB 240/12

Thermocouple for melting bath control

Emergency outlet for safe melt discharge in case of crucible break

TB 40/14 with crucible pulling device

Insulated connecting piece for side exhaust gas discharge for connection to an exhaust gas system

The gas-fired or oil-heated bale-out furnaces of the TB product lines provide for high melting output. The use of modern burner systems, optimized pressures and flame guide in the furnace as well as the processing of high-quality insulation materials result in very low energy consumption.

The TB ../12 models are largely used for melting and holding of aluminum and zinc alloys, for example in die-cast foundries. The side exhaust gas discharge provides for a high quality melt. The TB 10/14 to TB 40/14 models are mostly used for melting copper alloys in small foundries. This is why these furnaces are equipped with an exhaust gas vent over the crucible edge for high melting output and with a collar plate as a standard which can be swung to the side for pulling the crucible.

  • TB../12 with maximum furnace chamber temperature of 1200 °C for aluminum and zinc alloys
  • TB../14 with maximum furnace chamber temperature of 1400 °C, suitable for copper alloys with a maximum melting bath temperature of 1300 °C (appropriate in some cases for aluminum)
  • Fuel heating with gas or oil
  • Two-stage output control: High load for melting operation, low load for holding operation with automatic switching between both modes
  • Modern burner system with optimized flame guide: High efficiency provided by over-pressure operation to keep out entrained air
  • Gas system consisting of pressure regulator, gas filter, manometer and solenoid valves
  • Safe flame monitoring
  • Burner technology with easy-to-service design, e.g. flame head can be removed from the rear when the burner is swung out
  • Burner technology compliant with DIN 746, Part 2
  • Designed for natural gas or liquid natural gas with 8.8 kWh/m3 - 25.9 kWh/m3
  • Required gas input pressure 50 mbar
  • Operation with other fuels and/or with another gas input pressure possible
  • High melting output powered by high-performance burners and high-quality insulation
  • Multi-layered insulation with lightweight refractory bricks provide the furnace chamber lining, 1400 °C models come with an additional wear-and-tear layer made of copper-resistant refractory concrete
  • Emergency outlet for safe discharge of the melt in case of a crucible break
  • Exhaust gas discharge Exhaust gas discharge options see page 6
    • Exhaust gas discharge over the crucible edge TB…/14 models, resulting in approx. 20% more melting output compared side exhaust discharge, design without swing lid
    • Side-wall exhaust gas vent for TB…/12 models (for description, see additional equipment)
  • Crucible pulling device with swinging collar plate for models to TB 10/14 - TB 40/14
  • Over-temperature limiter for the furnace chamber with automatic reset to protect against over-temperature. The limit controller switches off the heating when the pre-set limit temperature has been reached and does not switch it on again until the temperature falls below the setting again.
  • Furnace chamber control with temperature measurement behind the crucible, recommended when using as pre-melt furnace

Additional equipment

  • Side exhaust gas discharge (for 1400 °C models)
    • Low burn-off provides for high quality melt
    • Low hydrogen absorption by the melt
    • Low heat exposure for the operator in the area above the crucible
    • Swing lid which saves energy when closed
    • Approx. 20% lower melting output than for exhaust gas venting over the crucible edge
  • Insulated connecting piece (exhaust flue) for side-wall exhaust gas vent to a connected customer suction system
  • Exhaust gas collection hood for furnaces featuring exhaust gas venting over the crucible edge
  • Work platform or platform for easier charging
  • Crucible breakage monitoring with optical and acoustic signal (only for models KB ../12)
  • SMS-message to one or more mobile phones in case of crucible breakage. One or more furnaces can be connected to the messaging device in parallel
  • Bath control system (only for 1200 °C models)
    • Furnace control via the bath temperature
    • Thermocouples in the furnace chamber and the melt
    • Improved melt quality ensured by a reduction in temperature overshoots
    • Integrated safety controller system that, in case of bath thermocouple breakage, continues to operate the furnace at a reduced output to prevent the melt from solidifying
  • Crucible pulling device with swinging collar plate for models to TB 20
ModelTmaxCrucibleCapacityMelting output3Consumption
holding lid Consumption
outputOuter dimensions
in mmWeight
 °C Kg AlKg CuKg Al/hKg Cu/hclosed kWh/hkWh/kgkWWDHkg
TB 80/121200BU 2002006501401-101.3 - 1.5180120018701240900
TB 100/121200BU 2502508301401-111.3 - 1.51801310198013801000
TB 110/121200BU 30030010001501-131.3 - 1.52101310198015101200
TB 150/121200BU 35035011502201-151.3 - 1.53001310198015501400
TB 180/121200BU 50050016502701-171.3 - 1.53001450214015601700
TB 240/121200BU 60060020003301-191.3 - 1.53901490218017001900
TB 360/121200BN 800800-3501-201.3 - 1.54001590228018002000
TB 400/121200BN 900900-3501-221.3 - 1.54001590228019002100
TB 500/121200BU 12101200-3501-231.3 - 1.54001690238018502300
TB 600/121200BU 13101300-4201-251.3 - 1.55001690238020002400
TB 650/121200BU 18101400-4201-261.3 - 1.55001760245016302300
TB 700/121200BU 15101500-4201-281.3 - 1.55001690238021202600
TB 800/121200BU 18101800-4401-301.3 - 1.55001760245021002800
TB 10/141400A 10030100-902221.0 - 1.3210980159011901000
TB 20/141400A 15045150-1002221.0 - 1.32101080187013101250
TB 40/141400A 400120400-3002251.0 - 1.33001210200014601500
TB 60/141400A 500150500-3202251.0 - 1.33201210200015101600
TB 80/141400A 600180600-3202251.0 - 1.33201260205015401750
1At 700 °C 2At 1000 °C
3The stated melting outputs are maximum values. Daily operation comes up to roughly 80 %.