Decision Aid for Melting Furnaces

 UseProductivityMelt QualityEnergy 
Consumption Noise Emissions
Models TB/KB 
Exhaust gas discharge over the crucible edge Melting++-o-
Models TB/KB 
Side exhaust gas discharge Melting +
Holding ++--
Models TBR 
Side exhaust gas discharge with recuperator Melting +
Holding +++-
Models T/TF/K/KF 
Electrically heated with bath control Melting +
Holding o++++++
Models T/TF/K/KF 
Electrically heated without bath control Melting +
Holding o+++++
Modelle T../10 
Electrically heated with bath controlHolding -+++++++
Models TC/KC 
Electrically heated via SiC rods Melting +
Holding ++o+