Bale-Out Furnaces T ../10 Electrically Heated, for Holding

T 150/10

Bale-out of T 650/10 with robot

Design of a holding furnace with bath control system containing thermocouples for the melt, the furnace chamber and the over-temperature limiter

The perfect insulation and the reduced electric connected loads provide for perfect energy efficiency and make the T ../10 models optimally suitable for holding operation. Due to the reduced connected load these furnaces are only suitable for melting to a limited extent. This is why they are mostly used in foundries with central pre-melting furnaces followed by transportation of the melt to the holding furnace.

  • Tmax 1000 °C, ideally suited for the holding of aluminum
  • Four-side heating using electric heating elements, freely radiating on carrier tubes
  • Simple replacement of individual heating elements. In case of crucible breakage, only the defective heating elements on each level need to be replaced
  • Heating of furnaces up to 60 kW power rating controlled using long-lasting, noiseless solid-state-relays
  • Heating of furnaces beyond 60 kW with contactors
  • Particularly good insulation constructed in multiple layers with lightweight refractory bricks on the hot face Emergency outlet for safe draining of the melt in case of crucible breakage
  • No exhaust gas discharge needed
  • Crucible not included in the standard version
  • Integrated safety system which continues to operate the furnace at reduced power in case of malfunction in the bath thermocouple, in order to prevent the freezing of the melt
  • Over-temperature limiter in furnace chamber for protection against overheating. The limiter switches the heating off when the set limit temperature is reached, and only switches it back on after the temperature has fallen again.
  • Furnace chamber control with temperature measurement behind the crucible, recommended for melting
  • Additional equipment, see T, TF furnaces
ModelTmaxCrucibleCapacityOuter dimensions in mmHeating
powerWeight inMelting performance2Holding
lid closed/open
 °C Kg AlKg CuWDHin kW3kgkg/hr Alkg/h CukW
T 80/101000BU 200200-11501150103020660holding only4/91
T 110/101000BU 300300-124012401130268905/101
T 150/101000BU 350350-124012401290389205/101
T 180/101000BU 500500-1410141012904211207/151
T 240/101000BU 600600-1410141013905012407/151
T 360/101000BN 800800-1510151014905020008/171
T 400/101000BN 900900-15101510159050210010/201
T 500/101000BU 12101200-16151615158050245011/211
T 600/101000BU 13101300-16151615173050255013/231
T 650/101000BP 10001400-16851685136060240013/201
T 700/101000BU 15101500-16151615185060275013/231
T 800/101000BU 18001800-16851685183070280015/251
1At 700 °C
2The specified melting performances are maximum values. In practice, approx. 80 % are achieved.
3Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher