KC 180/14 TC 80/14

KC 150/14

Heated on both sides by high performance SiC rods

Swing lid with good sealing to collar plate to avoid heat loss over the crucible opening

Switchgear with thyristors in phase angle operation for economic power consumption

The electrically heated tilting and bale-out furnaces of the KC and TC product lines are characterized by a higher melting performance than achievable with wire heated melting furnaces. These furnaces are designed for permanent operation at working temperatures.

  • Tmax 1450 °C, also suitable for bronze alloys with a maximum melt temperature of up to 1320 °C, subject to the condition of crucible
  • Heating from two sides by generously dimensioned SiC rods, temperature uniformity
  • Simple exchange of individual heating elements
  • Heat operation by thyistors in phase-angle mode with performance control: The resistance of the SiC rods changes with temperature and age. Performance control ensures constant power of heating irrespective to the condition of the heating elements.
  • High melting performance with temperature uniformity
  • Insulation constructed in multiple layers with lightweight refractory bricks on the hot face
  • SiC-Crucible
  • Electro-hydraulic tilting system with flame resistant HFC hydraulic fluid (KC models)
  • Safe, even, and precise pouring thanks to optimum pivot point in the furnace and manual throttling valve operation (KC models)
  • Emergency outlet for safe draining of the melt in case of crucible breakage
  • No exhaust gas discharge needed
  • Over-temperature limiter in furnace chamber for protection against overheating. The limiter switches the heating off when the set limit temperature is reached, and only switches it back on after the temperature has fallen again
  • Furnace chamber control with temperature measurement behind the crucible

Additional equipment

  • Work platform for simplified loading
ModelTmaxCrucibleCapacityOuter dimensions in mmHeatingWeight Melting performance3
 °C Kg AlKg CuWDHpower in kW4in kgkg/h Alkg/h Cu
KC 20/141450A 15045150171019001050361500-1202
KC 40/141450A 30090300177019001100361600-1202
KC 80/141450TCP 287200650188019701160481900-1802
KC 150/141450TCP 4123001000200020701300662700-2202
KC 180/141450TCP 412H-1000200020701500993000-2302
TC 20/141450A 1504515012001250930368308011202
TC 40/141450A 30090300126012501020369508011202
TC 80/141450BU 20020065013601350108048105012011802
TC 150/141450BU 300300100014501320130066130014012202
1At 700 °C 2At 1000 °C
3The specified melting performances are maximum values. In practice, approx. 80 % are achieved.
4Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher